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The Freshest Video Marketing on Instagram for Businesses


Users' time on Instagram for quality and engaging videos is increasing daily.

This speaks to the importance of dynamic media, which is highly superior to ordinary pictures and photos.

Many companies, brands are well aware of what a promotional video for business.

This can be judged by the frequency, cost, brightness of videos, and engagement of subscribers.

Video, is a clear chance for the Business to make itself known Planetary.

Reveal an idea, a mission, in less than (60 seconds) is possible through clear content production.

This is where the promotional video company comes to the rescue.

It's a new strategy for promoting yourself to the active Instagram movement through "promotional video ads" and more.

Hold and Absorb! All the Most Important Things in Simple Language, Fly:


Everything you need to know about video marketing in 2021-2022

1. Video marketing is?

2. Video pitch formats:

  • Video brand

  • Product

  • Applications

  • Educational

  • Broadcasts

  • Content from Users

3. Posting locations:

  • Instagram feed

  • Instagram Stories

  • IGTV videos

  • Advertisements

  • Reels


1. Definition of "Video Marketing"

In layman's terms, it is a weighty key with which an individual or business can make a commercial to promote a product, event, or service.

Increase interest and engagement with the brand, provide useful informational training, and capture consumer value.


2. Video formats

One of the first and important steps for your business is choosing the right promotional video format to work with.

The main options are:


- Brand Videos

Convey a specific message to your audience that introduces them to your business.

Often it's an increase in brand awareness and brand story.

Such a video is not always intended to sell a product, rather it acts as a trusted link, a method of attracting the attention and emotions of users.

The video is presented in a short, entertaining and unique format (not the usual type of content).

Our clients actively cooperate with us and set tasks for the promotional videographer.


- Product

Commercials directly about the company's services or product.

They emphasize the benefits of the product being promoted and the customer problems it solves.

This type of media should be filled with engagement and creativity, showing the merit and importance of the product.

To leave vivid impressions in the minds of buyers.

Remember that professionally created promotional videos for small businesses or large companies yield relevant results.

There's an important balance between short, attention-grabbing videos and long-form ones that explain things.

Make sure the quality is important! The better, the more customers and sales.


- Applications

These commercials show how and where the product is used (its characteristics)*.

It is a great option to show the benefits of the product, instructions and service options in a minimum of time.

It's a strong engaging video with a great payoff.

On Instagram, users can quickly save a video they like and revisit it if necessary.

*This format may overlap with "Product Videos," but the emphasis is more on the application of the product, its strengths and pros, rather than just listing features.


- Educational videos

Their primary purpose - it is the presentation of information that carries the viewer knowledge, reveals the value of goods, benefits and solutions to problems in society.

(Companies have successfully used this presentation).


- Broadcasts

Instagram has a strong and convenient online streaming feature built in, with which you can broadcast live updates and make an intriguing announcement.

After the Live Broadcast, the video can be saved to a smartphone, tablet or IGTV Instagram.

This is a new option that hasn't been available for very long. (Recommendation).

The pros of this approach are obvious.

Since the video duration limit on the Instagram feed is limited, IGTV greatly extends that interval.

In a pitch like this, companies can reveal more detail and extensive information about their product.

This is just how good it is at creating deeper connections with potential customers, which is important for any growing brand.

(Good for real estate promo videos).


- Content from Users

This is the production of promotional videos (about your service or product) based on feedbacks that have been posted by users themselves on the Internet.

Be it photos, comments or the voice of a satisfied customer.

By introducing such content for video marketing planning, the company points to the importance and value of the voice of the consumer.

Which is an important part of the story along the way.


3. Places to post video content on Instagram

Businesses can post in these variations:

Let's break down the details:


- Instagram feed

Allows you to place videos in a single cell or add sequentially in swipe mode.

The timing of each is no more than 60 seconds, aspect ratio (1:1); (1.9:1).

When swiping through the feed on Instagram, the video automatically starts without sound.

But the user can activate the volume by clicking on the commercial.

Physical filming of commercials is not always appropriate. And our promo video production company knows the right solution for that.

There are techniques to make a masterpiece without being present.


[ ! ] Clear Tips for Instagram feed videos

  • Short and straightforward clips, no extras -

Timeline from (30 - 60) seconds.

Short videos are viewed more often and more often.

  • Feedback -

Always respond to users.

This builds trust between business and customers.

  • A video that touches your audience -

Demonstrates a non-imposed need for the product.

This staging engages the publication and serves effectively.


- Instagram Stories

These are short videos lasting a maximum of 15 seconds.

Active for 24 hours, then "The End".

Once published, it's best to add them immediately to "♥︎ Favorites" on Instagram Highlight.

When creating "Stories" videos, remember to keep a vertical aspect ratio (9:16) and a consistent ad script.


[ ! ] Clear Tips for Instagram Stories Videos

  • Add stickers:

They set uniqueness and attention for your video, which sets the traction.

There are a variety of techniques where you can redirect and interact with the audience to promote your brand or product.

For example:

# HashtagSticker.

@ Mention



Emoji slider

  • Sequence:

"Stories show results when it's concise, unique and creative.

Follow the proper flow of the Stories playback feed for easy user perception.

  • Interest:

Broadcast regularly with easy "funny"-intrigue, adding Instagram ad creatives. This keeps your audience with you at all times.

(It's not just the restaurant promo video that looks appetizing here).


Instagram IGTV

Allows you to add videos up to 60 minutes long.

Initially only vertical frames (9:16) were supported, but the regular, horizontal format is already active.

During the new IGTV publication, you can and should share a brief presentation in the Instagram feed itself.

This is a great way to increase views and public attention.


[ ! ] Clear Tips for Instagram IGTV -

  • Cover art:

Don't forget to create an interesting cover for your video. It will clearly play on users' attention span when scrolling through the feed and will definitely make them view your post.

  • IGTV content is important:

Such creative advertising is an opportunity to expose yourself through a long and informative broadcast format. Remember. The needs of your subscribers must match your content that you publish online.

  • Titles:

Add captions or key messages. Users can't always view posts with audio. This is a sure-fire technique that will keep your audience engaged and attract more generous customers.


Video advertising on Instagram

Allows businesses to actively promote videos on a paid basis.

From practice, the figures are multiplied if the advertising creatives for the targeting (# interests, # preferences) audience are conducted and properly, in-depth configured.

Continuous activity of the company in the network is only welcome.


[ ! ] Clear Tips for Video Ads

  • Format for your device:

The size and format of the video should be right for the device/mobile on which the content is being played. Users are not accustomed to swiveling their phones for full-screen exposure of the video.

  • The maximum is the minimum:

The first few seconds are very important; it's where you need to put the maximum "message" to potential customers.

  • Titles:

Place the main text keys in the video so that the advertising creative is perceived both aurally and visually.

(People often ask, how much does it cost to make a promotional video? There is no single price. It's true! :) It all depends on timing, editing, time and the effects it involves.


*Instagram Reels

The newest opportunity to create creative, short and entertaining (TikTok-type) video content.

It's a fun media creation that's easy to share with your Instagram community.

A 15-second clip can be filled with interesting sounds and fun creative details.

For public accounts Reels gives you the right to broadcast globally to the whole Instagram community, thanks to the (newly created) "Explore" space.

*(The launch of Reels is only planned in CIS countries).



Creating promotional videos is a powerful advertising engine.

Compared to static images, videos are many times more interactive and appealing to an active audience that is willing and will pay.

Instagram is a worthwhile platform to implement your video marketing, promotion and business growth.

It will work, it's already working.




The Supreme Shaman of Video Content

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Indeed! On Social Media, the number of people in various age categories is constantly striving to increase their attention to quality, informative and interesting wonder videos. But there is an alternative! You can get a loudspeaker or order a powerful promotional video from our video promotion service. There is a choice, Always :)!

Broadcast, Create, Go to the Light. ♥︎

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